Question: Is Spotafriend a dating app?

Spotafriend is an app specifically targeted at kids aged 13 to 19, with more than one million users. Like Tinder, the app is location-based - and works on a swiping basis to form matches. The creators claim it is not a dating app, but the new way to make friends.

Is Spotafriend app safe?

While Spotafriend might feel safer than other dating apps, it still poses a safety risk. And, the only way parents can tell whats happening inside this app is to create a fake account or access their teens.

Is Spotafriend real?

Spotafriend is an app directly marketed towards teens, and it has over a million users. Teens are told to seek parental permission if under 18 – although iOS and Android app stores both rate the app as appropriate for those 17 or older. Spotafriends creators describe the app as “the new way to make friends”.

How old is Spotafriend?

On Spotafriend, young people between the ages of 13 and 19 are invited to swipe through the profiles of others in their vicinity, just like adults do on the Tinder app. If the users on both ends swipe right, its a “match” — allowing them to send messages to one another.

How do I get rid of Spotafriend?

How to Deactivate Spotafriend AccountLaunch your Spotafriend Mobile app from your mobile phone.Login your account if you never logged in or was logged out.Insert your login credentials.Quietly go to Settings through your profile picture.Locate Account Settings so as to tap on Delete Account.More items •Oct 19, 2020

How do I change my username on Spotafriend?

Print. Then, at the top right side, click on the option wheel and choose Settings and change your username.

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