Question: Should you text a girl after a hookup?

What should I text a girl after hooking up?

Last night was really hot. Id love to do that again sometime .Next time youre making me eggs in the morning.Nice work last night. This is a super casual and chill text to say I had fun with you, and Id like to see you again. I kinda miss you already.Am I John Mayer circa the new millennium? Just woke up smiling More items •Nov 7, 2017

Should a girl text after a hookup?

The After-Booty-Text Rule This rules says its never acceptable to text your “friend” after a hookup, unless its to see if he or she arrived home safely. As weve already learned, the dating game has changed and nowadays people are guilty of pretending to have no emotion, when its actually the complete opposite.

What do you text someone after hooking up?

25 Texts to Send a Guy After sex:Mind-blowing. That was epic. Lets do that again. For some reason, I cant stop thinking about you naked. I had fun last night. Hey 😉 I dont know if youre free tonight, but Im gonna hang w some friends at [insert bar/place], so join us if youre up for it! Round 2? After last night…More items •Mar 3, 2020

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