Question: What is considered date of separation?

The specific definition of the date of separation varies from state to state, but its generally considered the date that spouses no longer live together as a married couple. The most obvious example of a separation is when one spouse moves out of the marital home with the intent of ending the relationship.

What was the actual date of separation?

The date of separation is the date that the parties begin living separate and apart with the intention on the part of one (or both) of the parties not to resume the marital relationship. Living in separate parts of the same house, or sleeping in separate bedrooms, does not count as being separated.

What separation date means?

What is the date of separation? The date you start to live separate and apart from your spouse becomes the date of separation.

How do I file a separation date?

The easiest way is to put your intent in writing: write a letter or send an email or text message to your spouse and your third-party witness (probably in a separate communication), so that you have objective evidence of your state of mind memorialized in a document tied to a specific date.

What is proof of separation?

If you or parents (if dependent) are separated: Official documentation that you or parents (if dependent) permanently reside in separate residences: this must include official documents such as separate leases/mortgages statements, bank statements, drivers license, and utility bills.

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