Question: Who was Drake dating in 2013?

The lyrical legend confirmed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that he dated supermodel, Tyra Banks in 2013. And, it wasnt just any old date – the pair went to Disneyland in disguise!

Is Zach and Ezra dating?

InquisitorMaster is dating fellow Roblox content creator Zachary Zaxor. Alex is dating fellow content creator Zachary Zaxor. You might get confused by Roblox dating storylines linking Zach and Alex to other people, but they are just storylines for YouTube.

Did Alex break up with Zach?

Zach is Alexs ex-boyfriend. Zach and Alex have been together since November of 2017, which the relationship came to an end in 2021. This might mean that the two of them were never happy with their relationship in the first place.

Did Drake and Nicki Minaj hook up?

Although Drake and Nicki Minaj had an incredibly close friendship, the two rappers never confirmed a romantic relationship with their fans or the press. In fact, Nicki Minaj went on The Ellen Show in August 2018 and stated, “Ive never been in a relationship with Drake.”

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