Question: Who owns Pure radio Scotland?

Who does Robin Galloway work for?

Pure Radio Scotland On 28 October 2019, it was announced Robin Galloway was being hired to become the new breakfast show host for Pure Radio Scotland.

Where is Robin Galloway now?

Robin Galloway is back broadcasting in Aberdeen on Pure Radio. Robin Galloway has made his return to Aberdeen with the launch of Pure Radio in the north-east. Aberdeen-born, Galloway is one of Scotlands favourite DJs known for infamous wind-ups featuring the “fash” lorry driver from Peterhead, Hector Brocklebank.

Where is pure radio based?

Kings Langley Pure International Ltd. is a British consumer electronics company, based in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, founded in 2002. They are best known for designing and manufacturing digital audio broadcasting (DAB) and DAB+ radios.

What wavelength is radio Scotland?

Tune in to BBC Radio Scotland on 92 - 95 FM and 810 MW.

What age is Cat Harvey?

Cat, 38, admits even her parents Bobby and Cathy, both 76, have given up on her tying the knot.

What frequency is pure radio on?

Listen to Pure Radio Tayside on FMFM102.0 MHzFM106.6 MHz

Is pure radio still in business?

UK company Imagination Technologies has sold the Pure radio business to Austrian company AVenture AT. Pure, which was established in 2002 and employs around 65 people, has said it plans to retain all its staff and remain in the UK.

What channel is pure Radio Scotland?

Now on FM in Tayside If you are in the Tayside, you can now hear Pure Radio on 102FM in and around Dundee. If youre in and around Perth, youll find us on 106.6FM. Make sure to have AF selected on your car so the radio switches to the right frequency as you drive around Scotland.

What frequency is BBC Radio Scotland?

Tune in to BBC Radio Scotland on 92 - 95 FM and 810 MW.

Does DAB radio work in Scotland?

Why am I unable to receive Local Radio, or National Radio such as BBC Radio Scotland, on my DAB Radio? The BBCs local and national radio services are carried on local commercial DAB Multiplexes. To check what coverage of DAB services are available in your locality, please see our Transmitter checker tool.

Can Pure radios be repaired?

For all Pure Radio models such as the Pure Radio Evoke F4. Regardless where purchased, our qualified Pure Radio technicians offer specialised non-warranty Audio Hi-Fi Equipment repairs.

Which DAB radio is best?

The best DAB radios you can buyRoberts Revival RD70: The most stylish portable DAB radio. Pure Siesta Charge: The best DAB clock radio. Pure StreamR: The best Bluetooth Speaker that also does DAB+ Roberts Radio Stream 94i: The most versatile DAB radio. Ruark R1 Mk4: The best high-end DAB radio.More items •4 Jun 2021

How do I get BBC Radio Scotland?

Tune in to BBC Radio Scotland on 92 - 95 FM and 810 MW.

Does DAB radio work everywhere?

No. DAB digital radio is a terrestrial technology using land-based transmitters. You can only listen to stations when you are within their transmission range.

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