Question: Where can I find a vampire?

Are there vampires in South Africa?

The Eastern Cape region of South Africa has the impundulu, which can take the form of a large taloned bird and can summon thunder and lightning, and the Betsileo people of Madagascar tell of the ramanga, an outlaw or living vampire who drinks the blood and eats the nail clippings of nobles.

How Old Is Amun in Twilight?

23 His first appearance was in Twilight. His physical age is 23, and he has blond hair. His natural compassion during his life as a human translated into his decision never to drink human blood or kill a human, which he has adhered to.

Is The vampire Diaries real?

The series is set in the fictional town of Mystic Falls, Virginia, a town charged with supernatural history. It follows the life of Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), a teenage girl who has just lost both parents in a car accident, as she falls in love with a 162-year-old vampire named Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley).

Is there a vampire religion?

According to a survey, 69% of the vampires who responded said that they had been raised in an organized religion (Youngson, 2000). An Internet survey undertaken by Gwennifer found that 31% of vampires professed religious faith in Christianity, 13% in Wicca, 3% in Islam. and 20% none other than themselves.

Does Odin have a wolf?

In Norse mythology, Geri and Freki (Old Norse, both meaning the ravenous or greedy one) are two wolves which are said to accompany the god Odin.

Who is the oldest vampire in vampire Diaries?

Mikael Mikael is the oldest of the Original Family and considered the strongest and most powerful vampire in existence, easily able to overpower Elijah.

Why is The Vampire Diaries so good?

Just because The Vampire Diaries churns through plot like no other show on television, doesnt mean it eschews more complex, nuanced long form storytelling. After all, it has TV storyteller extraordinaire Julie Plec at its helm, which means these characters have well-planned character arcs.

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