Question: Is the Catholic Church interested in single people?

Is being single a Catholic vocation?

While being single is not a vocation in and of itself, like those in holy orders, those who assume avowed religious life, and those who marry, all people are called to the universal vocation of laying down our lives for the good of others, as Jesus did.

Do Catholics believe everyone is equal?

The Catholic Church teaches that all of humanity is equal, as all of humanity was created in the image and likeness of God. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states clearly that men and women were made equal in the eyes of God, and that men and women complement one another.

What does vocation mean in the Catholic Church?

Traditionally the term vocation was used in the Catholic Church only to refer to priestly or religious vocations, the vocation to live a life directly consecrated to God.

What does it mean to live a single life?

Being single means youre independent—and thats awesome! 2. Instead of focusing on what you dont have, focus on what you do have. Single people are often depicted as lacking. We focus on what theyre missing, be it a partner or children, rather than celebrating what they do have.

What are the three main vocations in the Catholic Church?

The Catholic Church supports and teaches us that there are three vocations: the single life, married life, and the religious life or priesthood.

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