Question: What should you get your spouse for their first anniversary?

While the traditional first anniversary gift is paper, theres also a modern option: a clock. Giving your spouse (or a couple) a clock-themed present commemorates the year that has passed—and looks ahead to all the years to come.

What are you supposed to get your spouse for your first anniversary?

The traditional 1st-anniversary gift is considered to be paper, while the modern gift is a clock, which commemorates the passage of time over this important first year. Its also great to consider a personalized gift—its something that will always leave a lasting impression and may become a treasured heirloom.

How can I impress my wife on our first anniversary?

15 First Anniversary Gift Ideas For Wife To Impress Her December 28, 2019 – Posted in: Blog, Gift Ideas, Wedding InspirationsPERSONALIZED APRON.Couple Soft Dolls. PERSONALIZED LADIES WALLET. PERSONALISED LOVE HEART PHOTO CUSHION. PERSONALIZED PENCIL SKETCH. PERSONALIZED PHOTO FRAME. PHOTO ENGRAVED GOLD COIN OR GOLD PENDANT. More items •Dec 28, 2019

How can I impress my husband on our anniversary?

20 Fun Ways to Surprise Your HusbandCreate a music video for him. Give him a just because gift. King for a day. Dedicate a song to him on the radio. Make a love trail. Exchange an obligation for a date. Guess Whos Coming to Dinner. Turn your husband gratitude list into a keepsake.More items •25 Sep 2015

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