Question: Can you be tracked on POF?

Can you track someone on POF?

If youre an upgraded member on POF, youre in luck! The ability to search by username is one of the great features we offer to our upgraded users. Once youre an upgraded member, a username search bar will appear in your POF app under the username tab, or on the website as one of three search options.

Can you fake your location on POF?

2.2 Change your location on Android POF Android device users can change their Plenty of Fish location to the place of their choice. The only thing you need is a spoof location app. On the Play Store, plenty of apps are there to help you in spoofing your real-time location.

What age group is plenty of fish?

You must be 18 years of age or older to use Plenty of Fish.

Can POF block your IP address?

For now, POF cant block or ban your IP, but it can delete profiles that violated their Community Rules. Also, they can deny your email address from registering on the platform ever again. They do so to protect their users from false profiles a variety of scams.

Is it illegal to make a fake profile on a dating site?

It is not illegal unless she is stealing someone elses identity. There may be admissibility issues, but she should not worry about criminal prosecution

Did plenty of fish get hacked?

The founder and CEO of dating site Plenty of Fish reports that the site has been hacked and users names, email addresses, and passwords may have been acquired.

How do I limit my location on POF? Change Search Distance Setting - YouTubeYouTube

What does Nearby on POF mean?

The “Nearby” button in the app is a great feature in POF. Basically, if youre looking for someone who is geographically close to you, then you can use this feature and the app will show you people that are near your current location.

Can you be married on POF?

If you are married, or part of a couple looking for someone to join you, Plenty of Fish is not the place for you. Promoting or advocating for commercial sexual services, human trafficking or non-consensual sexual acts on Plenty of Fish is not tolerated and will result in your account being permanently banned.

Can you get banned from POF?

Plenty of Fish has a zero-tolerance policy for any abuse whether its in your profile or a message reported by another member. If youre found to be harassing, or disrespectful to other users, or you have content on your profile that is racist, violent, rude, or abusive, you will be deleted and banned.

Is it illegal to make a fake profile of someone?

Misrepresentation is a civil tort as opposed to a crime. Misrepresentation becomes punishable civilly when it creates a loss for the listener/reader. So, if youre going to make a fake account, you should use a fake name and not try to steal anyone elses likeness or identity.

Is it illegal to create fake accounts?

If youre creating a fake account on Facebook (or most other social media sites), theres a good chance youre violating the terms of service. In this instance, the law is clear: According to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, it isnt illegal to violate a term of service.

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