Question: What is the point of a poly relationship?

The point of polyamory is not secrecy but openness, communication, acting with caring and integrity, and sharing the love. Most poly people agree with their partners to maintain certain boundaries — things they will or will not do — and to communicate honestly about who they are involved with.

What are the benefits of a polyamorous relationship?

But, in polyamorous relationships, youve got the freedom to share with you multiple people to your love without having any insecurities. They do say that this breeds relationships that are healthier simply along with your partner(s) but additionally with everyone you communicate with.

Why do I want a poly relationship?

Some use polyamory as a weapon in a power struggle or to punish a controlling partner. Some want to keep their erotic life alive and vital while in long term committed relationships or to fulfill sexual or emotional desires they cant meet with only one person or with their existing partner.

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