Question: How do I get my sold premium tank back?

How do I get my premium tanks back in WOTB?

0:534:06Get your Premium Tanks Back! | WoT Blitz - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipContinue then uh you go to premium vehicle restoration. Stay its quite easily you should exit theMoreContinue then uh you go to premium vehicle restoration. Stay its quite easily you should exit the game obviously if it says right here um and once youre out of the game you can submit the ticket.

What does premium do in World of Tanks Blitz?

With WoT Premium Account, an additional 10% bonus to Credits on top of what you earn in battles will fall into a special vault. Its an extra bonus, which is a plus for your battle income. For example, if you earned 10,000 credits in a battle, your vault will receive 1,000 thanks to the 10% bonus.

How do you get bonus codes in World of Tanks Blitz?

0:081:30WoT Blitz | CODES EXPIRED! August bonus code 1000 gold for FREE!YouTube

What do premium tanks do in WOT?

Premium tanks grant a 50% bonus to the amount of crew experience gained from each battle, which allows your crews to advance in their skills faster. Premium tanks get an increased credit-making ability (essentially, the ratio of damage done to credits earned) when compared to non-premium tanks.

How much is premium in World of Tanks?

Purchasing Premium Account in-game using Gold 360 days, 24,000. 180 days, 13,500.

Where do you put promo codes in World of Tanks?

Heres how you can redeem your bonus codeGo to the Premium Shop.Click on Redeem Wargaming Code on the top right.Log into your account.Enter the code in the text box and click REDEEM.Check in-game to see if you received the goodies.Enjoy the game!

How do I get wot coupons?

Coupons can be found in Premium Shop bundles, received with bonus codes, or obtained as a reward in various in-game events, contests, etc. Check the game news and Wargaming emails to stay informed about ways to get more coupons, or if you have received them.

How do you get a world of tanks premium account?

Purchasing Premium Account via the Premium ShopGo to the Premium Shop and select the Premium Account tab.Choose your desired package and click Purchase.Log into your account if you havent already.Choose the desired payment option and complete the purchase. Open World of Tanks and log into your game account.More items

How do you redeem a code in World of Tanks Blitz?

How to Redeem code in World of Tanks Blitz?Step 1: Log in to your account on the official website of World of Tanks.Step 2: Now, Click on your Username.Step 3: Click the “Activate Wargaming Code”.Step 4: Then enter the code and strike the “Redeem” button to get your reward.31 Aug 2021

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