Question: Can a Muslim woman date a non Muslim?

The tradition of reformist and progressive Islam does permit marriage between Muslim women and Non-Muslim men; Islamic scholars opining this view include Khaleel Mohammed, Hassan Al-Turabi, among others.

Can I be in a relationship with a non-Muslim?

There is no legislative prohibition for Muslim countries to have various types of relations with non-Muslim countries whether they are of Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or other persuasions. This relationship should be based on mutual respect and upholding the conditions of the contract.

Is it allowed to marry a non-Muslim?

According to traditional Islamic view, Muslim woman is now allowed to marry to a non-Muslim man and her marriage is not valid unless her husband convert to Islam.

Is it haram to marry a Hindu?

Thus, Muslim men are prohibited from intermarrying, for instance, Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, etc., as well as pagans or atheists, unless the man/woman converts to Islam. Sikhs are monotheist, but are not people of the book(Jews or Christians).

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