Question: Where do Navy SEAL families live?

Where do the Navy SEALs live?

Active-duty SEAL teams are components of either Naval Special Warfare Group One, based at Coronado on the West Coast, or Naval Special Warfare Group Two, based at Little Creek, near Virginia Beach, Virginia, on the East Coast.

Where is the home of Seal Team 6?

Virginia Beach SEAL Team SixNaval Special Warfare Development GroupPart ofUnited States Special Operations Command Joint Special Operations Command United States Naval Special Warfare CommandHeadquartersDam Neck Annex NAS Oceana, Virginia Beach, Virginia, U.S.Nickname(s)SEAL Team Six, DEVGRU, Task Force Blue, NSWDG9 more rows

Whats the longest time someone has held their breath?

11 minutes, 35 seconds The current non-oxygen aided records stand at 11 minutes, 35 seconds for men (St├ęphane Mifsud, 2009) and 8 minutes, 23 seconds for women (Natalia Molchanova, 2011). Severinsen has said that he hasnt suffered any brain damage from his breath-holding record attempts.

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