Question: How does plenty of fish live work?

Partnering with The Meet Group, Plenty of Fish now allows members to stream themselves as they go about their day-to-day lives! Tune into other streams, pass along virtual gifts, and connect in more ways than ever before with Live! All you need to do is click on the Live icon, accept the terms of use, and youre set.

How does Live work on POF?

0:271:43What is Plenty of Fish Live! - POF - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipThe live page is where youll find all of our top streamers they have some of the most interestingMoreThe live page is where youll find all of our top streamers they have some of the most interesting and entertaining content of the day. So you can dive right in and watch now.

What does it mean to go live on POF?

Plenty of Fish Live allows you to go beyond a members profile and see what theyre like in-person from the comfort of your home. Profile, sending updates when you edit your POF profile, and otherwise allow you to use Live! You can always disable Live! in Settings.

Is plenty of fish live chat legit?

In general, yes, its safe; and there are a lot of success stories! But, heres what to know about how to protect your privacy via the POF app.

How do I enable video calling on plenty of fish?

To start an audio or video chat all you need to do is click the chat link underneath a members thumbnail photo. Once your request to chat is accepted you can then click on the audio or video button found at the top of the chat window.

Does plenty of fish have video calls?

This new group of features, which POF is calling “Conversation Powers,” includes the addition of voice messaging, video calling, and the ability to share photos in chats. Instead, POF will trigger your “Conversation Powers” after youve chatted with a match for a period of time.

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