Question: What is Thalassophile?

What do Thalassophile mean?

a lover of the sea a lover of the sea. The amount of time he spent on a boat, he considered himself a thalassophile.

Is Thalassophile a real word?

What is a thalassophile? A person who loves and is magnetically attracted to the ocean and the sea. The word thalassophile derives from the Greek terms thalassa, meaning sea, and phile or philos, a person or thing having a fondness for a specified thing.

What is it called when you love water?

Aquaphilia may refer to: a love of water sports, such as rafting. a preference for hydro power. a sexual paraphilia involving an attraction to swimsuits, water and submersion.

How is Thalassophile pronounced?

Phonetic spelling of Thalassophile. tha-las-sophile. Matilda Langosh.Meanings for Thalassophile. A person who loves the sea. Gary Kelly.Synonyms for Thalassophile. Sea lover. Ryan Walsh.Examples of in a sentence. I am a thalassophikle. Thalassophile should be in sentence.

What is a word for extreme love?

Noun. Deep love and respect. adoration.

What is a Muckspout?

a muckspout is someone who uses a lot of cursing.

Is it better to be loved or adored?

In any case, adore is a step below in the chain of liking a person while love is the ultimate feeling which is the highest level in liking a person. But when you adore a person, you are that much closer to falling in love with him than you think. I Love You are the strongest three words that you speak to a person.

Is adore in love?

To love or to adore Adore can be defined as an intense or rapturous love. A profound loving admiration, devotion, and respect for someone.

Whats more powerful than love?

Cherish – I cherish my time with you. This is stronger than the word love in that it shows just how much you value spending time with them. Its very sweet to hear someone say this to you, and will make your loved ones feel really important and considered in your life choices and future.

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