Question: Is it okay to flirt with your personal trainer?

Use it before your workout. 8 They think its embarrassing when you flirt with them. Unless youre getting very, very, very clear signals (like, she is asking you out for a drink or a date), you should 100% not flirt with a trainer. Even if youre not attracted to them, the feeling is almost certainly not mutual.

Do personal trainers get attracted to clients?

So, why does it happen? Clients are attracted to the stereotypical fit-looking male personal trainer. Typically he will lavish her with compliments about her body week in and week out. That attention often fills a gap - giving her the sort of attention that she might not be receiving elsewhere.

How do you compliment a personal trainer?

Thank you so much, youre seriously an amazing trainer. #31 Thank you for making me feel proud even of my smallest achievements. Your positive attitude has really kept me going. Ive enjoyed the training so much and am very grateful for your support.

How do you respond to an encouraging message?

How to Say Thank You for Your Encouragement to a FriendWords cant express how much I appreciate your support and encouragement. If it werent for you, I would still be Ill forever be grateful for the encouragement you gave me when I needed it. I get by with a little help from my friends.More items •6 Jul 2021

What is the proper response to thank you?

What is the best response to a thank you? The best response to a thank you is youre welcome, which fits every occasion.

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