Question: Who is Scrappy sister?

What is Mama Dee real name?

Deborah Bryant Deborah Bryant (née Gaither; born September 21, 1963), better known as Momma Dee, is an actress, singer and reality television personality, best known for her appearances in the VH1 hit reality show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

How is Yung Joc and Lil Scrappy related?

He is the cousin of Momma Dee and cousin-uncle of Lil Scrappy.

Who is Cheyenne to scrapp?

On this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, fans meets Scrapp Deleons half-sister Cheyenne Robinson (they share the same father). And it looks like hes got her back.

Is KK Cheyennes mom?

Before Love & Hip Hop Karen King is the mother and manager of rappers Scrapp DeLeon and Sas. She is a longtime family friend of Stevie J and her sons call him uncle. In 2009, her nephew Dolla was shot and killed. In 2012, she and her sons were accused of the kidnapping, assault and attempted murder of her ex-husband.

Who is Lil Scrappy Mom?

Momma Dee Lil Scrappy/Mothers

Who did Mama Dee marry?

Ernest Bryantm. 2015 Momma Dee/Spouse

Is Momma Dee sick?

Turns out it was a serious situation. Im glad Momma Dee is okay. During the premiere of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” season 9, Momma Dee revealed she suffered a ruptured bladder from a kidney stone caused by her excessive drinking.

Why did KK go to jail?

Karen KK King, a new cast member of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, was arrested last night for fraud and theft and placed in Fulton County Jail.

Is scrapp Stevie J Real nephew?

On the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta episode “Daddys Home,” Daddy refers to Stevie J. After his brief stint in Hollywood with wife Joseline Hernandez, Stevie is back in the A. One of the first people Stevie meets with is his “nephew,” Scrapp DeLeon. Scrapp DeLeon (born Will Cortez Robinson) is the son of Karen “KK” King.

Is Momma Dee really scrappys mom?

Perhaps the most magnetic of the bunch is Momma Dee, mother to rap star Lil Scrappy. Momma Dee comes off as overprotective and overbearing, but it is clear that there is nothing she wouldnt do for her children, including selling drugs and pimping to make ends meet.

Who got Kiyomi pregnant?

Getty Kiyomi Leslie is expecting her first child with former Atlanta Falcons star Justin Hardy. A Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star is expecting her first child with NFL star Justin Hardy. Season 9 star Kiyomi Leslie, 29, announced in an Instagram post that she is expecting the child.

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