Question: Where should you not put a pool?

Where should I put my pool in my backyard?

In small backyard spaces, a pool often must be located close to or adjoining the house itself.Pools close to the house are convenient and easy to watch over.They are an extension of the homes architecture and should reflect that in the design and/or shape.More items

How far away from the house should a pool be?

10 feet away National and Local Requirements There is a national standard that requires that all swimming pools must be at least 10 feet away from the house walls. As mentioned, this will protect electrical wiring from leaks, floods, and splashes.

Where should you place a pool?

The Pool placement should be where it gets most of the sunlight. It helps keep the right temperature and allows swimmers to stay in the water for a longer time. In most cases, pointing a pool south or west is best.

Can I put an inground pool in my backyard?

Can you put an inground swimming pool in a small backyard? The short answer: Most of the time, yes. The long answer: It depends on your property and local regulations. For example, in some areas, the pool needs to be at least 8 feet away from the property lines and 10 feet away from your home.

Can you put a pool next to House?

Distance from The House and Other Structures Most municipalities require swimming pools to be as much as 25 feet away from the house, property line or other structures. Check with your local regulators to find out exactly what the rules will be for you.

Is it cheaper to put in a pool when building a house?

Will the builder charge more if you add a pool to the house project? The home builder will only charge more for a pool if theyre also the general contractor for the pool. In this case, they will treat it like any other subcontractor and put their markup on it.

Whats the deepest above ground pool?

What is the deepest above ground pool? The deepest above ground pool has a 54-inch wall. However, since above ground pools are not filled to their 100% capacity, it is safe to assume that the deepest an above ground pool can be is about 48 inches or 4 feet.

What type of pool lasts the longest?

It generally takes between three and 12 weeks to install a concrete pool. Thats longer than other types, but concrete is considered the strongest, most durable type of pool. And unlike other in-ground pools, existing concrete pools can be rebuilt, refinished, enlarged, or updated.

Does an inground pool add value to your home?

How much value does a pool add to a home? The experts are a split on how much a pool can contribute to a homes value. One HouseLogic study suggests an increase of 7 percent, at most, under ideal conditions, while HGTV reports that the average inground pool can up your propertys value by 5 to 8 percent.

Can you move an endless pool?

Yes, you can take your Endless Pool with you. Many of our pools are shipped in kit form for bolt-together assembly and can be unbolted and relocated to a new site. Each time the pool is relocated, there are some parts and components that may have to be replaced.

Whats the most expensive part of building a pool?

Concrete – Most Expensive and labor intensive construction of all. The pool finish can be abrasive on the bottom of the feet, especially once the swimmers feet become pruney and extra soft.

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