Question: How do I identify my clock maker?

How old is my mantel clock?

Compare Your Clock An antique clock is at least 100 years old. If your clock is younger, its considered vintage. You can learn more about the age of your mantel clock, as well as its likely origins, on the website and clock forum.

How do you identify a clock movement?

The first set of numbers (six or eight with a hyphen in the middle) tell us what type of the movement it is and any additional number identify the length of the gearing (pendulum). Please note that Hermle clock movements often have the name of the clock case maker stamped onto the brass plate of the movement.

How do I know what kind of grandfather clock I have?

Find the manufacturer of a grandfather clock by examining both the clock itself and the movement inside. Look on the dial, or face, of the grandfather clock. In most cases, the name of the manufacturer of the case and dial is painted or engraved on the clock face.

What is a trigger clock movement?

x 5/8 in. This trigger movement is designed to omit an electronic pulse on the hour to trigger a sound making device. These movements are commonly used in novelty clocks that have the sound of a bird, train of other sound ringing on the hour. The threaded part of the hand shaft is 5/16 in.

What is a mechanical clock?

The mechanical clock comprises an oscillating mechanism that marks the passing of time, and an escapement that counts its beats. The mechanical clock, which derived from water clock, was born in medieval Europe. The first mechanical clocks were large devices made of iron.

How do clock chimes work?

Chimes are selected by simply moving a lever on the dial face to the appropriate position. If chiming melodies are not desired, there are some weight-driven clocks that just feature a bim-bam tone or an hourly strike.

What is the use of mechanical clock?

Use of Mechanical Clock At the time of the invention of mechanical clocks, they primary use was in the monasteries. They were typically used to keep track of hours for daily prayers, to helps monks calculate solar and lunar eclipses, and to determine feast days with accuracy.

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