Question: Why do guys disappear after a good date?

Alright, so the main reasons why guys disappear after a great first date is that they arent interested. Whether the date was perfect on your end or not, they werent feeling you. It might have been something you did/said/wore, or, it was just you as a person. I mean, you may be awesome.

Why would someone ghost you after a good date?

Some people ghost to protect themselves from rejection. Those with an anxious or ambivalent attachment style may ghost as a sort of preemptive strike—either out of fear that youll disappoint them in the future, or because of a perceived slight on your end (regardless of whether you actually did anything wrong).

How do you know if a guy is going to ghost you?

Hes Clearly Keeping You A Secret If youve never met friends and loved ones of the person youve been dating for awhile, theyre not committed, and could potentially ghost, explains Hall. If he never mentions telling his friends or family about you, thats a pretty big warning sign.

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