Question: Who was OJS girlfriend?

Who was OJS girlfriend when Nicole was murdered?

Early on the morning on June 12, 1994, Paula Barbieri called O.J. Simpson and left a message, saying she was ending their years-long relationship. About 15 hours later, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were slain.

Who married Paula Barbieri?

Michael Overstreetm. 2000 Paula Barbieri/Spouse

What happened to Christie Prody?

Christie Prody is now jobless and fighting to stay off drugs. Since Christie Prody dated O.J. Simpson during his murder and civil trials in the late 90s, her life has been in a tailspin. After years of battling drug abuse, Prody is now jobless as she fights to stay clean.

Who was OJ dating during the trial?

Nicole Brown met O. J. Simpson in 1977, when she was 18 and working as a waitress at the Daisy (a Beverly Hills private club), and they began dating even though Simpson was already married.

What happened Paula Barbieri?

Simpsons ex Paula Barbieri, who sneaked him his passport and money before his Bronco getaway, posed naked for Playboy and appeared in soft porn films, is now married to a top Florida JUDGE and living in the lap of luxury.

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