Question: Whats the population of Bradford in West Yorkshire?

What percentage of Bradford is black?

City of BradfordPopulation (mid-2019 est.)• Total539,776 (Ranked 7th)• Density3,341/sq mi (1,290/km2)• Ethnicity (2011 census)67.44% White 26.83% Asian or Asian British 1.77% Black or Black British 2.48% Mixed Race 1.48% Chinese and other33 more rows

Why is Bradford so bad?

For a well populated urban area, Bradford has quite poor mobile phone coverage with only 97% of the region getting signal. Broadband speeds are decent enough at 25.7Mbps. Low employment and exceptionally high rent costs contribute to other factors, making Bradford our overall worst place to live for 2015.

What is the population in Bradford 2021?

Bradford has a population of over 530,000, which made it one of the largest cities of United Kingdom. Situated at the hillocks of Peninnes in West Yorkshire, England, Bradford is the metropolitan borough of the City of Bradford.

What percentage of Bolton is white?

EthnicityBoltonEthnic groupNumber%White British219,79479.41Other White6,8512.48Mixed/multiple ethnic group4,8921.776 more rows

How many people are on benefits in Bradford?

58,096 people In Bradford there were 58,096 people claiming the benefit, a rise of 69.9 per cent since March.

Was Bradford the richest city in the world?

During the industrial revolution of the late eighteenth and nineteenth century Bradford came to international prominence as the textiles and woollen centre of the world. It became one of the richest cities in Europe.

How many Pakistani live in Bradford?

106,614 Pakistanis The 2011 Census recorded 106,614 Pakistanis in Bradford, 20.4% of the total population. The majority of British Pakistanis in Bradford can trace their roots to the Mirpur District of Azad Kashmir.

What accent do people from Bradford have?

The Yorkshire dialect (also known as Broad Yorkshire, Tyke, Yorkie or Yorkshire English) is a dialect (or continuum of dialects) spoken in the Yorkshire region of Northern England.

How many blacks are in Bolton?

Around 4,700 people in Bolton classified themselves as Black in 2011. The vast majority of these were Black African, with around 3,500 people or 1.2% of the population. There were slightly smaller numbers of Black Caribbean and Other Black, (0.2% each).

What percentage of Leicester is white?

Demographics of Leicester The Whites are the largest ethnic group in the city with 50.6 percent of the total population. There are various groups of white people in the city variesdepending on their origin; there are 45.1 percent British whites, 0.8 percent Irish whites and 4.6 percent white people from other places.

What is the life expectancy in Bradford?

Life expectancy in Bradford for males at birth is 77.5 years and for females is 81.5 years. This compares unfavourably with the England figure of 79.5 for males and 83.1 for females. Bradford has the lowest life expectancy figures for men and women at birth and age 65 in West Yorkshire.

How many people are unemployed in Bradford?

The data shows that 29,850 people were claiming unemployment benefit in June 2021 - a rate of 9% of the working age population and a decrease of 630 claimants since last month. This total includes new claimants who are claiming Universal Credit due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Is holmewood Bradford rough?

Maybe its not a no-go area but it is pretty rough. Most of the crap happens that end. Caz says that people use words like feral and degenerates which are unfair on the majority of good citizens on the estate. Holme Wood has a lot of good people.

Is Bradford a rich city?

A new book looks at how one of the most downtrodden of Yorkshire cities once flew high on a global stage. Bradford was not just, once upon a time, the richest city in Yorkshire. It was one of the richest in the world, certainly in the country, and had the kind of influence most other cities could only dream of.

Where should I live in Bradford?

Where is the best area to live in the Bradford district?Bradford East (Bowling, Barkerend, Thornbury, Eccleshill, Idle, Greengates, Esholt, Apperley Bridge) 14%Bradford South (Great Horton, Queensbury, Wyke, Wibsey, Low Moor, Odsal, Bierley, Holme Wood, Tong) 16%More items •Jan 31, 2021

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